From the grand atrium of London's Natural History Museum to the humble confines of a Beirut flat; Adam Black has written, recorded and performed music all over the world. His broad eclecticism blooms from a life lived in motion, grounding his work in a charmful warmth and whimsy. Be it in the playful "pizz" of a violin or the vivid depths of an analogue synth, Adam has the ability to craft a curious, yet welcoming soundscape; familiar as home, with all the marvel of the unknown.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Adam has worked and collaborated with filmmakers, advertisers, producers and other creatives across the globe. As a multi-instrumentalist Adam is available for session work; media composition; lyrics and everything in between. 

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Emotive accompaniment to enhance your storytelling. Below is a mini documentary on California surfboard maker Ben Borland. 

Ongoing projects include a feature length documentary with Emmy Award winning director, Taylor Hawkins.



recording engineer; mixing

Sputnik by Jeremiah Moon

released 2022 on Enci Records

guitar; piano & vocals

recording engineer

Meteórico Astronómico by PAPELMACHE

released 2021

bespoke music to elevate your brand

adam's albums

carefully out of Nowhere


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Humbly poetic and quietly hopeful; a synthesis of folk music and neoclassicism musing on the countenance given amidst darkness and the curious beauty found therein.

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